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In mondusaif, "zrum" (rhymes with "room") means "place of treasures". In this case, the treasure is wisdom and the place an archive. "SRC" stands for "Seth-Roberts Center". It is, also, a nod to the "source" attribute (src) in HTML.

Welcome: Zrum was originally the private archive for Seth-Roberts Center (SRC) and is now all that remains after Laurel Davies Butts insisted that we not make the material freely available to the public. Consequentially, the membership list is private, as well. You have the option to make yourself known or remain anonymous. (Read more: About Us)

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Our Collection: We have all of the published Seth material available in some form on SRC. Thanks to our members, the material which is not yet fully uploaded as webpages is available as PDFs and other formats. We hope to include all of greater Seth and Jane Roberts collection but only have a few of those books, at this time.

Versions: The material, as webpages, is being coded to allow the reader different displayed versions when reading the publications or special collections (such as sessions by year). We began a more expansive coding process in 2015, so some of the earlier and later uploads might have some display issues. (Read more: Available Versions)

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Seth-Roberts Snippet

Posted: 2016.11.02

1974.06.17 (704: PS3)

Ruburt is learning about the unknown reality. And, in his own way he is making such a journey as the one suggested in this book. But, so are you. Now, I want you, Joseph, to set up a procedure with a dream notebook at your side of the bed – a decent table or whatever to hold it and a psychological set begun. For, you have, thus far, not taken those simple important steps.

The physical setup is symbolically important. For, it represents your intent. Whatever arrangements you feel will be comfortable to you should be utilized, along with suggestion. The physical set alone is important suggestion.

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